We are very excited to launch our new brand Cortiba Health and introduce our incredible new Curcumin product range called Yellow Root. A landmark in IPS Pharma’s business development – launching a new brand and product like this in the UK market.

Cortiba Health is the result of a joint venture between IPS Pharma and Lyrus Life Sciences which will be offering a range of health & wellness products based on ground-breaking technologies that support the health and vitality of our customers, and represent a genuine advance on existing products available.

Curcumin Yellow Root is part of a new range of organic turmeric supplements, rooted in quality and innovation.

Our patented C3 Cura™ Advanced Absorption Technology is a unique, innovative, and patented technology that transforms poorly soluble, biologically active, natural compounds into a much more bioavailable form than any other curcumin or turmeric supplement on the market.

Yellow Root Curcumin liquid supplements are fortified with key vitamins and place less burden on body elimination systems than existing non-C3 Cura™ turmeric and curcumin supplements.

We all have different bodies and different needs, which is why we have made Yellow Root in three different formulas:

If you are looking into ways to improve your (or your loved ones) health in 2021 please visit our website:  www.cortibahealth.com  to learn more and try our fantastic Yellow Root products.