Like all healthcare professionals, we are ultimately focused on the needs of the patients who will be using the medicines we supply. Our expert staff and proven track record mean patients can legitimately trust us to deliver exactly what they have been prescribed – even if it is hard to find or unavailable at their point of need.

Our licenses, Accreditations and Quality Management system (QMS) provide another level of reassurance. All elements are in place to make sure every patient receives the correct dose of medication in a form they can use and which maintains the efficacy of the prescribed drug.


We collaborate with all areas of the healthcare industry to make sure the needs of patients are precisely met: hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, research organisations and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Patients benefit from our expertise and experience across three main areas of activity:

  • Sourcing and manufacture of unlicensed medicines (Specials). Find out more »

  • Supporting clinical trials to develop safe and effective new medicines. Find out more »

  • Sourcing of custom, unusual or hard to find prescribed items. Find out more »


Our first priority is always the health and wellbeing of patients and it is our professional duty to make sure we comply rigorously with all laws and regulations relating to the products we supply. Consequently, as with all prescribed medicines, any request for access or supply must come from an appropriately qualified medical professional.

If you are a patient or are representing a patient, please contact your relevant healthcare professional to discuss the treatment options available to you.

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