Part VIIIB of the Drug Tariff was introduced in November 2011. It lists a number of unlicensed medicines commonly prescribed in England & Wales. Each line has a minimum volume, a price minimum volume and a price per extra millilitre or gram. To calculate the reimbursement price for a given Unlicensed medicine one must use the following formula:

Reimbursement price = Price for minimum volume + (Price per extra ml/g x number of ml/g above minimum volume)

Pharmacies and Dispensing Practices are paid the Tariff price for the total volume of that item so 2x150ml is paid as 300ml. This is likely to attract a lower reimbursement so Contractors should take care when ordering that they are being charged in the same manner i.e. for 300ml not for 2 x 150ml.

For ease of reference, we have a complete list of the most recent DT unlicensed medicines available for download that shows exactly which prices have increased and decreased since the last update.

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