People are increasingly recognising the benefits offered by curcumin supplements.

However, with countless curcumin supplements available on the market, it can often be difficult to know which one to choose. It’s important to remember that not all supplements are created equally, or even provide the same benefits.

Here’s an overview of how Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin matches up to curcumin supplements you’ll find on the High Street:


Did you know that, in its natural form, only 1% of turmeric is absorbed during digestion? Because it isn’t water soluble, most of it passes through your system without having any effect at all. Curcumin can also be difficult to absorb.

This is one of the key ways that Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin differs from High Street supplements.

We’ve developed a unique, patented C3 CuraTM Advanced Absorption Technology, which allows us to significantly increase the solubility of curcumin.


Because Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin is so much more bio-available than other High Street curcumin supplements, a much smaller dose is needed to deliver the same results. In fact, a study comparing the absorption of 5mg of Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin and 2000mg of curcumin powder, found that after 30 minutes, Yellow Root provided over 500 times more absorption of curcumin in the bloodstream.

This lower dose means that less burden is put on organs such as the liver.

On the other hand, High Street supplements that have been produced with non C3 CuraTM methods have more insoluble curcumin per dose, meaning more is required to achieve the same effect and, as a result, more must be cleared through the system.


Unlike many High Street curcumin supplements, Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin supplements are always produced in line with current Good Manufacturing Practice standards.


Many High Street curcumin supplements contain bulking agents.

This is not the case with Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin supplements. All of the curcumin used in our liquid curcumin supplements has been extracted from NON-GMO, certified organic turmeric root. So you can rest assured that there’s no soy, gluten, animal products, chemicals, or artificial additives. Just pure, certified organic curcumin.


Similarly to other high quality liquid curcumin supplements, Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin’s purity and manufacturing process means a slightly higher price tag than regular turmeric capsules, and other supplements, found on the High Street.

Summary: Yellow Root vs High Street Curcumin Supplements

As you can see, Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin offers a host of benefits over High Street curcumin supplements. Put your supplements to the test with our Yellow Root Soluble Turmeric Test Comparison Kit and see for yourself how they compare.

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