Part 7S of the Scottish Drug Tariff was introduced in February 2013. It lists a number of unlicensed medicines commonly prescribed in Scotland. Each product has a volume and a reimbursement price associated with it.

By default, Contractors are paid according to “the pack and a half rule” which simply means that payment is rounded to the nearest whole pack. So when dispensing 140ml of a product with a listed volume of 100ml, Contractors should endorse 140ml/200ml, 2 x 100ml, 2 O.P. etc. to make clear that they have had to use two packs to fulfill the prescription. At IPS Pharma, we supply in multiples of the listed Drug Tariff pack size that makes it easier to endorse correctly.

Please email for any further information you may need.

Acetylcysteine PFEye Drops0.0510ml57.33
Alfentanil Nasal SolutionSpray5mg/5ml1124
Allopurinol OralSusp100mg/5ml150ml42.49
Azathioprine OralSusp50mg/5ml150ml54.82
Bendroflumethiazide OralSusp2.5mg/5ml150ml47.84
Bisoprolol Fumarate OralSusp2.5mg/5ml150ml44.73
Chloral HydrateSoln500mg/5ml200ml36.62
Clopidogrel OralSusp75mg/5ml150ml55.53
Coal Tar Solution 2% in Yellow Soft ParaffinOint100g29.38
Coal Tar Solution 5% in Yellow Soft ParaffinOint100g29.68
Dantrolene OralSusp25mg/5ml200ml88
Emulsifying WaxSolution0.03200ml24.19
Flecainide OralSusp25mg/5ml300ml93.42
Glyceryl TrinitrateOint0.00230g60
Hypromellose PFEye Drops0.002510ml41.83
Ichthammol 1% in Yellow Soft ParrafinOint100g29.6
Ichthammol 1% Zinc Oxide 15% in Yellow Soft Parrafin200g31.24
Ichthammol 1% Zinc Oxide 15% in Yellow Soft Parrafin500g40.4
Isoniazid Oral SFSoln50mg/5ml500ml51.27
Ketamine OralSoln50mg/5ml300ml99.48
Lorazepam OralSusp1mg/5ml100ml48.82
Lorazepam OralSusp500mcg/5ml100ml48.25
Midazolam Buccal prefilled syringe SFSoln2.5mg/0.25ml4138
Midazolam Buccal prefilled syringe SFSoln5mg/0.5ml4138
Midazolam Buccal prefilled syringe SFSoln7.5mg/0.75ml4138
Naltrexone OralSusp1mg/ml150ml84
Phenobarbital Oral Alcohol FreeSusp50mg/5ml150ml145
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate PFDrops0.00110ml53.3
Quetiapine OralSusp12.5mg/5ml150ml46
Quetiapine OralSusp25mg/5ml150ml52.63
Quetiapine OralSusp50mg/5ml150ml73
Ramipril OralSoln5mg/5ml150ml70
Reflectant Sun Screen (Beige)Cream50g42.05
Reflectant Sun Screen (Coffee)Cream50g42.05
Reflectant Sun Screen (Coral Pink)Cream50g42.05
Salicylic Acid 10% in Aqueous CreamCream100g37.64
Salicylic Acid 10% in Emulsifying OintmentOint100g80
Salicylic Acid 10% in Yellow Soft ParaffinOint100g30.71
Salicylic Acid 2% in Aqueous CreamCream100g37.64
Salicylic Acid 2% in Emulsifying OintmentOint100g80
Salicylic Acid 5% in Aqueous CreamCream100g37.64
Salicylic Acid 5% in Emulsifying OintmentOint100g80
Salicylic Acid 5% in Yellow Soft ParaffinOint100g29.77
Sertraline Hyd OralSusp50mg/5ml150ml42.01
Spironolactone OralSusp25mg/5ml125ml41
Spironolactone OralSusp50mg/5ml125ml49.17
Tacrolimus OralSusp5mg/5ml100ml310
Thiamine OralSoln100mg/5ml200ml88
Tranexamic OralSoln500mg/5ml100ml54.3
Venlafaxine OralSusp37.5mg/5ml150ml108.69
Venlafaxine OralSusp75mg/5ml150ml72.59
Zopiclone OralSusp3.75mg/5ml150ml59.7
Tacrolimus OralSusp5mg/5ml100ml310
Thiamine OralSoln100mg/5ml200ml88
Tizanidine OralSusp2mg/5ml300ml54.5
Tranexamic OralSoln500mg/5ml100ml93.5
Venlafaxine OralSusp75mg/5ml150ml81
Venlafaxine OralSusp37.5mg/5ml150ml140
Zopiclone OralSusp3.75mg/5ml100ml60.5

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