Founded by a practicing pharmacist, IPS Pharma has always been focused on making the working lives of pharmacists, dispensing doctors and hospital pharmacies more efficient and effective.


Through the provision of unlicensed medicines (Specials) and the sourcing of special obtains, we work to help healthcare professionals around the world precisely meet patients’ needs. We recognise that pharmacists and doctors operate in busy, time-pressured environments. They require a professional business partner that can be relied upon to help achieve the best possible outcome for each patient while also balancing the pragmatic financial demands of their businesses.

Guidance and advice

With a customer services team consisting of NVQ level 2, level 3 and ACT (Accuracy Checking Technician) qualified pharmacy trained staff, we are especially adept at dealing with queries and providing useful advice.

We possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the availability of licensed and unlicensed medicines (Specials). It is our policy to always attempt to find a licensed solution to an unmet medical need. If one does not exist we will then suggest how best to deliver an unlicensed response. We put forward all alternative solutions so that our clients can make truly informed choices.

Improved efficiency and productivity

For both unlicensed medicines (Specials) and Special Obtains, using our services removes the need for our customers to spend hours online or on the phone trying to source the products they need. It also means that they don’t need to initiate and manage individual accounts with multiple suppliers

We have designed our procedures and processes around the needs of our customers and patients. Our customer service team is available by phone from 8 am until 8 pm during the week (except holidays). Orders can also be placed by fax, email or online at any time.

We take the pressure out of paperwork. We introduced endorsement stickers into the UK, making it easier for pharmacies to track products and receive the correct payment. We include CoC documents with every bespoke order.

MyIPS, our online ordering platform, delivers our clients quick access to their accounts 24/7. They can review their complete order history and browse our comprehensive product range. Set order pads for individual patients allow one-click ordering for repeat prescriptions.

Extensive product portfolio

We have an archive of over 20,000 formulations ready for manufacture in a wide range of presentations. We can also source over 500 products for import from around the world. Our special obtains team has excellent relationships with a global network of over 200 reliable and audited suppliers.

A guarantee of quality

It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to make sure patients receive medication that is safe, effective, and appropriate for their condition and their circumstances, with minimal clinical risk. Working with a reputable, ethical, accredited, licensed and legally compliant supplier is the responsible and professional option. We have a full quality management system and a qualified QP team to make sure the medicines we supply are of the highest quality.


As well as all the benefits that we deliver to community pharmacists and dispensing doctors, there are certain specific ways in which we can really be of service to hospitals.

Continuity of care

Our experience and expertise in the manufacture and sourcing of unlicensed medicines benefits our customers in hospital sector. We are particularly adept at helping hospitals to ensure continuity of care in the increasingly frequent context of a medicine shortage – supplying the required treatments as an unlicensed import until the licensed supply is reinstated.

Clinical trial

We can also be invaluable to hospitals involved in the delivery of a clinical trial – we have a comprehensive array of services to make sure clinical trials run efficiently and cost-effectively. For more information click here ».

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