IPS Pharma holds a Wholesaler’s License and a Wholesaler’s Distribution Authorisation (Human) license, this means we are able to supplement our core competencies with additional wholesale services. In the spirit of our overarching purpose of, “Precisely meeting patients’ needs”, we are happy to collaborate with other wholesalers globally to achieve a reliable, secure, uninterrupted and efficient supply chain.

Extensive portfolio

If a wholesaler requires an item that it does not usually stock, we can usually either source or make what is required. This may be especially useful in situations where a wholesaler has established contractual arrangements with a specific manufacturer or brand and either their usual product is not available or a comparator brand is required.

Assured quality and compliance

So as not to invalidate trial results, our quality management policies, accredited QP staff and auditable, ethical supply chain make sure that the comparators or IMP that we supply to clinical trials are of the highest quality. Our fully qualified and expert team is endowed with the skills and experience necessary to navigate even the most complicated of international regulatory, quality control and compliance environments.

Commercial discretion

We can operate a comprehensive ‘white label’ service that not only covers branded packaging but can be extended to phone lines, fax and email providing seamless continuity.

Also, as our role within the industry is primarily that of a supplier of unlicensed medicines and clinical trial support, other wholesalers can discuss matters relating to the supply of medicines or medical devices with us in complete commercial confidence.

Reliable support

Our customer service department has NVQ 2, NVQ 3 level and ACT qualified, Pharmacy trained staff, so wholesalers can rely on us to provide them with expert guidance in response to any query and deliver a dependable technical service to improve patient compliance.

Our logistics capability means we can offer flexible delivery options depending upon the wholesaler’s requirement and we also have plenty of experience navigating the complex regulatory environments surrounding the import and export of pharmaceutical products.

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