Occasionally a patient will require an unusual, low volume or infrequently prescribed item that is listed in the Chemist & Druggist Directory or the Drug Tariff, but which is not readily available from mainline wholesalers. IPS Pharma sourcing and procurement team maintain a global network of trusted suppliers so we can find and deliver a ‘special obtain’ to quickly and efficiently meet the patient’s need.

Using our special obtains service obviates the need for our clients to establish, maintain and manage rarely used accounts with multiple suppliers. It also minimises the time dispensary teams need to spend searching for items.

Special obtains usually take between 3-5 days to supply, but this can be expedited to meet a critical need.

Special obtains can include licensed medicines as well as a broad spectrum of medical devices and appliances; specialist dietary foods and supplements, wound care and hygiene products, clothing and hosiery etc:

Devices and appliances

  • Colostomy;

  • Tracheostomy;

  • Urostomy;

  • Stoma;

  • Incontinence;

  • Mobility and disability;

  • Blood pressure;

  • Slings, bandages and dressings;

Specialist dietary foods and supplements

  • Gluten-free;
  • Dairy-free;

  • Low-protein;

  • Vitamins and minerals;

  • Homeopathics;


  • Wound care preparations;

  • Scarring reduction products;

  • Cover creams;

Clothing and hosiery

  • Dermatological garments e.g. silk vests;

  • Compression products;

  • Made-to-measure hosiery.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you are having difficulty sourcing anything to fulfill an unmet patient need, then please get in touch.

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