Cannabis based Medicines

Since November 2018 UK based specialist doctors have been able to prescribe Cannabis based medicines (CBMs). CBMs were moved from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 classification (Misuse of Drugs regulations) – allowing them to be prescribed medicinally by any Doctor on the GMC Specialist Register for an unmet clinical need. Since this change, IPS Pharma have dispensed CBM prescriptions direct to patients and supported the import of CBMs.

What are Cannabis based Medicines and who can prescribe them?

Cannabis based medicines (CBMs) are products containing Cannabis or compounds extracted from the Cannabis plant. CBMs are available in a range of doses and forms – including oils and dried flower (to vaporise).  At present, in the UK, prescriptions for Cannabis based medicine can only be written by a specialist consultant, usually within a private clinic setting. This can be a pain specialist, neurologist, oncologist or psychiatrist, among many others.

What conditions do CBMs help with

CBMs can be prescribed for various conditions and symptoms; clinicians can consider a CBM if they believe all traditional treatment options have been considered and exhausted.

Guidance has been produced for specific conditions including nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, chronic pain and Epilepsy, for further information check The National Institute of Health Care Excellence (NICE) guidance. There is evolving evidence and on-going clinical studies to support the use in other indications as well.

How can IPS Pharma help?

At IPS Pharma we import a large range of CBM products from the leading Licensed Producers into the UK following the import approval processes. We strive to have the broadest portfolio and range of products for doctors and patients to access in the UK.

We work with some of the world’s largest and most experienced cultivators and manufacturers of CBMPs. We are very selective about the producers that we work with and spend a lot of time talking to doctors and engaging with patients about their needs. This helps us make informed decisions when considering new partners and products to import for the UK market that will address patients’ unmet needs.

In our EUGMP manufacturing facility we are able to manufacture any ratio or strength of bespoke cannabis oil preparations on site and can have the product to the patient within 24 hours of receiving the prescription.

IPS Pharma have a registered pharmacy on site at our MHRA approved manufacturing facility to dispense the private prescriptions quickly and efficiently, meaning the patient receives the best experience throughout the whole prescription process.

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